DPF Removal Solutions

This service makes the deactivation of all DPF/FAP maps and allow tuner to run a car without having DPF/FAP installed in car.

We have been working hard to keep our solutions updated to most recent cars and to ensure the best results.

DPF Removal And Procedure Guide

Here you will find a general guide to the process of removing a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) from a vehicle. A vehicle must be diagnosed correctly, selling DPF removal as the solution to all sins is not competent. In 90% of cases a DPF failure is consequence of another component failure; simply removing the DPF will not resolve origin of the issue and compromise your reputation. The DPF overloading or blocking is as usually a result of the following component failure or issues;

 Air regulation fault; EGR, and or turbocharger boost circuit issue. This is the most common of causes of DPF failure especially on vehicles fitted with an airflow meter. Any leak or air bypass plays havoc with the DPF regulation and regeneration due to the mixture regulation problems. Some ignorant tuners claim that vehicle with no DPF will smoke and this is normal, this is not the case. It is the origin fault showing itself. Sad but true.

 Fuel Injector failure; Worn nozzle/needles are common place on high mileage vehicles, again causing mixture regulation issues over loading the DPF system.

 No smoke No poke; Ignorant injector duration remapping is pretty much a death sentence for any DPF system. Smoke = wasted energy Our calibration files are developed and implemented thousands of times over the years and checked by our server’s mega data system for precision.

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